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04/29/2016Eld. J C Stanaland Beginning sermon of communion.
Communion Service Colossians 2:1
Opening sermon of the communion weekend.
Download Eld_J_C_Stanaland_04292016_Colossians_Chapter_1.mp3
04/30/2016Elder Tommy Stanaland Matthew Chapter 23
Communion Matthew 23:13-19
Jesus denouncing the hypocrites.
Download Eld_Tommy_Stanaland_04302016_Matthew_Chapter_23.mp3
04/30/2016Elder Clayton Nowell A lack of understanding.
Communion Luke 24:13-32
Jesus opened the scriptures.
Download Eld_Clayton_Nowell_04302016_Lack_of_understanding_Luke_24_13.mp3
05/01/2016Elder Don McPherson Change
Sunday Acts 1:2-11
Change and continuing on.
Download Eld_Don_McPherson_05012016_Acts_Chap_1_2_thru_11.mp3
05/08/2016Eld. Bobby Willis Pray for our Pastor Eld. Willis
Sunday Matthew 14:28
Peter tries to walk on water.
Download Eld._Bobby_Willis_05082016_Peter_walking_on_water.mp3
05/15/2016Eld Bridgman Harris Four faces.
Sunday Ezekiel 1:1
Four faces of Jesus.
Download Eld_Bridgman_Harris_05152016_Four_faces.mp3

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