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12/17/2016Eld Bridgman Harris Funeral Service of Elder Ralph Harris
Funeral 1 Thessalonians 4:18
Funeral services. Graveside by Elder Bobby Willis
Download Funeral_EldRalphHarris_12062016.mp3
10/12/2017Eld Ronald Lawrence Everlasting God
Special Appointmen Revelation 14:6
An everlasting God, everlasting gospel.
Download Eld_Ronald_Lawrence_Everlasting_God_Oct_12_2017.mp3
01/14/2018Eld. Bobby Willis In honor of the late Elder Bobby Willis
Sunday Colossians 2:13
We played a sermon he preached in April of 2013 as Jan 14, 2018 was the anniversary of his passing.
Download Eld_B_Willis_Col_2_13_Apr_2015.mp3
04/29/2018Bro. Kenneth Nowell Happy home
Special Appointmen Psalms 1:1-12
Happy is the home when God is there.
Download Bro._Kennewth_Nowell_Happy_the_home_Psalm_1_4_29_2018.mp3
05/04/2018Elder Michael Gowens Stephen the martyr.
Special Appointmen Acts 7:54-60
Lay not this sin to their charge.
Download Eld_Michael_Gowens_5_4_2018_Stephen_the_martyr.mp3
05/05/2018Elder Clayton Nowell High Priest
Communion Romans 8:29-30
Christ is our high priest.
Download Eld_Clayton_Nowell_May_5_2018_Christ_our_high_priest.mp3

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