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10/20/2013Elder Bobby Willis Isaiah Chapter 11
Sunday Isaiah 1:16
A highway of the remnant.
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10/27/2013Elder Bobby Willis John 3: 16
Sunday John 3:16
The most misunderstood scripture of the bible.
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11/03/2013Eld Buddy Abernathy Zephaniah 3: 12
Sunday Zephaniah 3: 12
Blessings in affliction
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11/07/2013Eld Sonny Pyle Truths of the past. Bethel Communion May 2, 1990
Communion Service Job 22:15-16
Hast thou marked the old ways
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11/10/2013Eld John Burkett Difference between believing in God and Believing God.
Sunday Luke 6;46
An explanation of the difference between believing there is a God and believing God.
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11/17/2013Elder Bobby Willis Jeremiah
Sunday Jeremiah 1:1
Jeremiah's prophecy and admonishions to Israel.
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