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10/15/2017Lic. Brad Hansand God's Love
Sunday Romans 8:28
God's love for us.
Download Eld_Brad_Hansard_Love_of_god_for_us_10_15_17.mp3
10/15/2017Eld Bridgman Harris Opening comments
Sunday Luke 4:17-22
Preaching the gospel to the poor.
Download Eld_Bridgman_Harris_Luke_4_Oct_15_17.mp3
10/14/2017Elder Brad Hansard Hope
Saturday Night Romans 12:12
Rejoicing in hope.
Download Eld_Brad_Hansard_Hope_Oct_14_2017.mp3
10/12/2017Eld Ronald Lawrence Everlasting God
Special Appointmen Revelation 14:6
An everlasting God, everlasting gospel.
Download Eld_Ronald_Lawrence_Everlasting_God_Oct_12_2017.mp3
10/08/2017Lic. Eric Smith Zion
Sunday Isaiah 14:32
The poor and afflicted of Zion.
Download Lic_Eric_Smith_Zion_Oct_8_2017.mp3
10/01/2017Eld Don McPherson Doing your best.
Sunday Colossians 3:17
Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Download Eld_Don_McPherson_doing_your_best_Oct_1_2017.mp3

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