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04/15/2018Eld Bridgman Harris Gospel
Sunday Mark 4:3-9
Truths in the gospel.
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04/08/2018Eld. David Cothren God's sovereignty
Sunday Romans 9:1-13
Hath not the potter power over the clay.
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04/07/2018Elder David Cothren Justification by faith
Special Appointmen Romans 3:19-31
Justified freely by his grace.
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03/25/2018Eld Bridgman Harris God's sovereignty
Sunday John 1_12
He does his will.
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03/18/2018Eld Bridgman Harris Cause and effect.
Sunday John 1:13
Cause and effect in the scriptures.
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03/11/2018Eld Don McPherson Rise early.
Sunday Genesis 22:1-5
Rise early and make the most of each day.
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