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12/17/2017Lic. Eric Smith Comfort
Sunday Isaiah 40:1
Comfort my people.
Download Lic_Eric_Smith_Comfort_12_17_2017.mp3
11/26/2017Eld Bridgman Harris Stand Fast.
Sunday Ephesians 6:11
That ye may be able to stand
Download Eld_Bridgman_Harris_11_26_2017_Stand_fast..mp3
11/19/2017Eld Bridgman Harris Walking by faith.
Sunday Ephesians 1:10
We should walk in faith.
Download Eld_Bridgman_Harris_Walking_by_faith_11_19_2017.mp3
11/12/2017Elder David Cothren Rebuilding
Sunday Ezra 5:2
Building the house of God
Download Eld_David_Cothern_Rebuilding_the_temple_and_Wall_11_12_17.mp3
11/11/2017Eld. David Cothren Baptism
Saturday Night Acts 2:38
Repent and be baptized.
Download Eld_David_Cothern_Baptism_11_11_17.mp3
11/05/2017Elder Don McPherson Wait upon the Lord
Sunday Psalms 40:1-4
I waited patiently for the Lord.
Download Eld_Don_McPherson_wait_upon_rhw_lord_11_5_17.mp3

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