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04/14/2019Eld Don McPherson Envy versus Love
Sunday Luke 10:25-37
Comparison of envy and love.
Download Eld_Don_McPherson_Envy_vs_Love_4_14_2019.mp3
04/07/2019Eld Don McPherson Treasures
Sunday Luke 12:31-42
Where are your treasures?
Download Eld_Don_McPherson_What_are_your_treasures_4_7_2019.mp3
03/31/2019Eld Bridgman Harris Distractions of the devil.
Sunday Matthew 17:1-27
Ways the devil distracts God's people.
Download Eld_Bridgman_Harris_Devils_devious_ways_3_31_2019.mp3
03/17/2019Eld Bridgman Harris Water
Sunday John 5:2-9
The spiritual applications of water.
Download Eld_Bridgman_Harris_Water_3_17_2019.mp3
03/10/2019Eld Don McPherson The Apostle Paul
Sunday Hebrews 12:1
The writings of Paul.
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03/03/2019Eld Don McPherson Old points to new.
Sunday 2 Timothy 3:16
All scripture is profitable.
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